Alphanumeric Pager Nylon Carrying Case

The Alphanumeric Pager Nylon Carrying Case is a soft but durable alternative to the alphanumeric holster that comes standard with every pager. The excellent abrasion resistance of the synthetic nylon material makes it an attractive accessory to any of the alphanumeric pagers while providing a high degree of protection during every day use. The nylon case has a top flap that when attached to the front of the case by a Velcro strip holds the pager securely in place. Detaching the Velcro allows the user to easily remove the pager from the case and view incoming or existing messages. A rear flap is designed to fit over a belt and be held in place by snapping together a pair of metal fasteners. The black nylon case comes in one size and is fully compatible with the complete line of Alphanumeric pagers.

Manufacturer: USAlert